About Us

Glenn D. Andrews, I went from corporate America, supply chain logistics to fitness personal training and coaching. BA, MBA, Six Sigma and ACE certified trainer, functional specialist and behavior change specialist. A Father, husband, author, entrepreneur and mentor. I train people how to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. But, more importantly I teach people how to be better in their own lane and face life challenges head on. The H&K brand is a symbolic representation of our experiences and how we approach life.


Elijah B. Braddy, a Father, Certified Health and Strength Coach, Bodybuilder, powerlifter, professional nutritionist, founder of Natural Unique Fitness (NUF), model, artist, Fireline Strong Athlete. Elijah is the creator of Golden Boy Transformations and has hundreds of health, fitness and aesthetic transformations across the country. Training clients from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm and still stays in top condition and still finds time to raise two boys and create the logos and art for the website.