Get off your knees and Stand

Get off your knees and Stand

I heard you Byron Allen!

1. Open your own doors to your dreams.So many young entrepreneurs just want to know: “How do I get my foot in the door?” Who can I talk to, where can I work, or what can I do to get me in the right rooms. If you follow in the footsteps of Byron Allen, you’ll realize that the door might take an extra push.

2. Money is a mindset.If getting money is your goal as an entrepreneur, then don’t sweat it. Sweat for it.“Making money is easy,” Allen said. “That’s a mindset. You could put up a radar and say, where’s trouble? And trouble will find you. You can put up a radar and say, where’s this? And it will come to you,” says Allen.

3. Be persistent.If you want to start a business, get comfortable hearing the word “no.” In 1993, while trying to get ‘Entertainers with Byron Allen‘ on-air, Allen heard ‘no’ from about 1,300 television stations. 

4. You’re never too young. You should never let your age hold you back, whether you think you’re “too young” or “too old.” Allen got his start at only 14 years old, doing comedy routines in Los Angeles.

5. Pull up (at least) two chairs when you take a seat at the table.Everyone deserves equal access to capital, but so often, black communities and businesses are not given a fair shot. When this happens, we need to turn to each other before anyone else. 



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